Format-4 - c-express 920 classic

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Technical specifications

Motor power: 3,3 PS/HP (2,4 kW)
Year of construction: 2017
Motor voltage: 3x 230 V
motor frequency: 60 Hz

Special features and details

Showroom demo machine - like new

Installation included
Training included on site - 2 days.
Online E learning included

FORMAT-4 c-express 920 classic – drilling and routing for any shop.
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CNC tool set
3.3 kW main spindle
Pocket cycle for defined shapes
Roller table extension for front rear
Extra options:
Work-piece width 70 mm
Additional vertical roller presser in Y

Compact CNC processing in just 3.4 m²

High precision 15 spindle drilling head for maximum flexibility

Horizontal processing of the workpiece ensures a constant zero point

Simple programming without the need to take the workpiece thickness into consideration

Grooving saw unit as standard for the processing of back panels or construction connections

Modern laser measuring technology ensures highest measuring precision


1420 Halsey Way, Suite 100
TX 75007 Carrollton
United States

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