Felder - F900Z

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Technology Data

Motor power: 10,0 HP (7,35 kW)
Motor voltage: 3x 400 V
Crosscut fence: 1100 mm
Tilting spindle moulder: 90-45 degrees
angle adjustment spindle moulder: Manual
spindle height adjustment: Electrical
Working height: 885 mm
Moulder spindle Ø: 30 mm
Table opening: 320 mm
Dust extraction outlet, Ø: 120 mm
Weight: 650kg
Spindle moulder fence: MULTI-Fine Adjustment System

Special features and details

3 x 400 Volt
10 Hp
Star Delta Start

Switch for forward and reverse run

Table opening 320 mm

Electric spindle height adjustment with LED display
Manual spindle tilt 90°–45°
Manual spindle locking mechanism
Moulder spindle Ø 30 mm, usable height 140 mm
Spindle moulder fence 230 for max. ­tooling diameter 230 mm, fence plates 550 mm
EURO Spindle moulder guard
MULTI adjustment for spindle fence 230
Aluminum spindle fence plates anodised 550 mm
Tenoning table 1300 mm anodised
Crosscut fence 1100 mm

Working height 890 mm
Extractor connection port diameter 120 and 80 mm on spindle moulder fence/below table extraction

Weight 650kg (with standard configuration)


Unit 2, Sovereign Business Park, Joplin Court off Presley Way, Crown Hill
+44 1908 635000

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